It Means Nothing To Me, Ah Inflation

Cost of Living

Statistics and Lies

Great to hear that inflation is at zero percent, give or take.

Yet again though, a perfect example of how politicians live in a cloud and don’t inhabit the real world we all live in.

We’ve spent the last 5 years, together or otherwise, bailing out the banks while having to cut back and make do – fixing our own cars, repairing our vacuum cleaners, bodging jobs around the house etc.

But now, or very soon, these things will come back to bite us. The large items we’ve been supergluing and cable tying together will need replacing, so although our weekly/monthly outgoings stay the same, we’ve somehow got to find the money to afford them.

Most people will have to take out loans or use credit cards getting themselves in debt but the Government, whichever flavour, won’t care because on paper we’ll be spending more and that will show in the economic figures.

And guess who will claim the credit (no pun intended)?


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