Will Get Fooled Again

Lloyds Bank Sell-Off

Horses for Votes

So, another Tory policy straight out of the handbag of Margaret Thatcher.

This time they are going to let ordinary people buy shares in Lloyds Bank that the Government owns.

By ‘The Government’ of course, they mean us, the public.

We’ve already paid once for these shares and now we’re getting the opportunity to buy them again… wow, thanks! And everyone can benefit – as long as they have at least £250 kicking around doing nothing.

After the great success of the sale of the Post Office, what could possibly go wrong?

Here’s what. ‘Ordinary’ people will take the risk of buying a number of the original shares. The Tories, because this is a bribe to keep them in power, will make more cuts and those ‘ordinary’ people will sell the shares off for a small profit in order to make ends meet.

Pension funds and the super-rich will pick up the shares and of course they will have the time to sit on them until they are more valuable.

In other words, those who can’t afford it, or in this case can just about afford it, will be used for the good of the wealthy. Cameron looking after his buddies again.

As much as it hurts me to say it, I think these shares should be sold on the open market to get the maximum value back on them and the money received should be ring fenced for the NHS – that way, indirectly, the banks will fund some investment in the NHS.

At least that would be honest (look it up in the dictionary Mr Cameron, it’s under H).


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