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Public Transport

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I don’t think anyone who supports a party in the election agrees with all their policies and I’m no exception.

I think the Green Party have it slightly wrong on the issue of public transport. I don’t think nationalising the railways would be a return to the bad old days of British Rail because times have changed, expectations of customer service are different and technology has totally altered how we book and while I agree it should be de-privatised, I don’t think Central Government is the place.

Instead, I’d like to see public transport turned into a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation. That way, they can make money but that money will go back into the service, not into the pockets of investors and shareholders and definitely not into Government coffers.

We also need a simpler system of fares. It’s ridiculous that the same route can cost different prices if you break it into sections or if you book at different times. Surely a cost per mile or per station would make more sense, after all the same train runs the same route for the same cost so why can’t it be averaged out?

The Not For Profit would include the booking system (we don’t need all those comparison sites when one centralised one could do the job), the maintenance, tracks, stations, trains – everything. So you would only need one management team and hopefully there would be more efficient communications inter-company.

And in the 21st Century, should we really have a first and second class – doesn’t that represent all that is bad in society?

This could also be extended to a National coach service and improved local bus services – working together with better connections.

One final advantage of removing Public Transport from state ownership is that it stops the Government using it in any way for their own political ends …. speaking of which, let’s scrap HS2!


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