About Aaaaargh!

What will Aaaaargh! include?

Comments on politics, politicians, society, the economy, the environment, civil rights, equality and money-worship.

What qualifies me to go Aaaargh!

We’re all entitled to scream “Aaaaargh!” (in fact it’s probably best to do so occasionally), so because I can.

What won’t Aaaaargh! include?

It won’t include the latest celebrity news.

What are the politics of Aaaaargh!

The politics of equality, a wish that people could just get on with each other, that fairness would make a reappearance in society, that common sense could be listened to and money wasn’t worshipped over everything.

Enjoy reading the blog and never, ever shy away from screaming Aaaaargh! when you need to. With blood pressures rising and hearts breaking it could just save your life.


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