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Who Lets the Dogs Die?

July 18, 2015
B & K Universal

Stop B & K

It doesn’t seem to have made the national news but a company called B & K Universal has just received planning permission to open a facility that breeds beagles for experimentation in Grimston, East Riding of Yorkshire

Yes, you read that right – in the 21st Century a company will be breeding dogs for experimentation…

There was a programme on BBC2 this week called Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners which revealed terrible details of Britain’s part in the worldwide slave trade and how, when slavery was abolished, there were massive compensation payouts … for the slave owners, not the slaves.

The connection between these two stories? I would hope that in the not too distant future, people will look back on our treatment of animals with the same disgust and disbelief as we feel looking back on slavery.

B & K have been saying about the medical benefits of animal experimentation despite all the scientific evidence against them – beagles are in no way similar to humans and in fact human reaction to medicines ‘tested’ on animals is the 4th largest cause of death in humans. Computer models are much more reliable.

But what about testing on animals for cosmetics and cleaning products? Isn’t it about time we said we have enough cosmetics and cleaning products are good enough that we no longer need new ones. Just how much make-up can people wear? How many hair colours do we need? Isn’t killing 99% of all known germs dead good enough?

And B & K’s record in the treatment of animals isn’t good with a number of prosecutions for cruelty in the past.

B & K aren’t helping anyone but themselves in this disgusting profit-making venture and it should embarrass us as a nation if it actually goes ahead.

I’ll be joining any demonstrations and protests and will do anything I can to stop this going ahead – if that means civil disobedience then so be it.


Fox On The Run

July 1, 2015
Team Fox

Support Team Fox

Ever thought what a good idea it would be if Animal Rights groups got together to make sure the Hunting Ban stays in place?

Well, they have, they are called Team Fox and they have a new site (and an amazing logo) HERE.

Seems to me, this is another issue that shows how little humans respect animals – using them for sport, research, gambling, fashion, food.

Often they try to justify their actions with lies – greyhounds and racehorses are well looked after, experimentation is necessary to cure human illness etc.

Sometimes though, it’s just a case of money talking – murdering crocodiles for designer handbags, PETA Investigation HERE, cruelly producing up-market food, VIVA campaign HERE, cruelly producing cheap food that’s not really nutritious or good for you – the list goes on.

Governments seem reluctant to stop any of this so we really need to get behind Team Fox to keep in place the one thing they have acted on – a long awaited Hunting Ban.