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Fight For the Right, or Left, or Centre ……

May 10, 2015
Old Labour/New Labour

Left, Right, Centre

Talk about missing the bleeding obvious!

After their terrible performance in the election we’re now seeing the Labour Party trying to decide where they went wrong.

The fact they are already arguing about whether they should be targetting their traditional working class audience or aiming for the aspirational vote just highlights the real problem – no one knows what they stand for.

They seem more interested in power for power’s sake than standing for a set of principles. Hate Love or hate the conservatives, they stand for what they stand for with no apologies, as do the The Green Party.

Which brings us to another point – the Labour Party say they are the party of fairness and equality but we haven’t heard them mentioning a change to the voting system which we so obviously need because that might affect their chances of getting into power – that thing they want at any cost.

So when the candidates finally stand for the leadership election, how about we hear what they are actually standing for – maybe then people would know who and what they are voting for.


What’s the Story This Morning – Tory!

May 8, 2015
Post Election

No Comment

Waking up to this awful news.

Might be great for the economy but terrible for ordinary people, the environment and fairness.

If a Job’s Worth Doing ….

April 10, 2015
Office Monkey

Office Monkey

The Conservatives are telling us the economy is back on track thanks to them, and pointing to low unemployment rates and the high number of those starting their own businesses.

(Labour rightly point to the fact that many of these jobs are zero hours contracts but they are missing an opportunity by not mentioning that a lot of the newly self-employed didn’t have an option and won’t be earning good money, so they will have to claim benefits.)

But even if those new employment/unemployment figures were all they are cracked up to be, there is a hidden problem.

I work with some major companies, both UK and Internationally based and one thing that has become apparent recently is the lower standards in the sector I work in. And it’s not just the outsourcing to foreign call centres with all the problems that entails.

More relevant seems to be that these large corporates don’t have to pay as much to fill positions now, so the staff probably don’t care too much – why would you? (Peanuts = monkeys)

The end result is less efficient businesses which must mean less productive which presumably isn’t good for the country – or the economy. How often are you feeling the need to complain about Customer Service?

So yet again, what the politicians make to look good on paper doesn’t look so good when you dig a little deeper.

Never Mind the Ballots Here’s the Best System

March 31, 2015
Proportional Representation

Voting System

I remember when I first heard of Proprtional Representation as a voting system it seemed like such an obvious idea, the result of the election based on the overall wishes of the entire country.

The counter arguement was that there would never be a majority Government under this system and we’d end up being like those unstable European countries (?).

But there wasn’t a majority at our last election and it looks like it will be the case in the current election too so that arguement against PR doesn’t hold water. Again we’ll have a Government that is formed to suit one party’s agenda, irrespective of the wishes of the people.

I wouldn’t expect the Conservatives or Labour to be pushing for PR but it would benefit the Lib-Dems so I’m surprised they haven’t been mentioning it – or is it a case of not liking the present system but benefitting from it last time and not wanting to change something they may benefit from again.

I’d like to see a simple system of PR – choose the number of MP’s we need (much fewer and therefore cheaper would be my suggestion) and share those seats out as a percentage of the vote. An arguement against that is that the parties get to choose our representatives but the reality is that happens already when favourites are parachuted into safe seats.

The key is in the name – Proportional REPRESENTATION.

Blair, Bliar Pants on Fire

June 28, 2012
Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Interesting to read that Tony Blair would like to be PM again.

Maybe he’s just made so much money with his public speaking and writing deals that he feels he can sit back for a while.

Anyway, lets look at what he said to the Evening Standard about why he left in the first place:

“I didn’t want to go but I felt that I had to. The only choice would have been to have fought a very bloody battle internally which I thought would damage the country as well as the party.”

So when that whole sad saga was going on, he lied to us when he said he was happy Gordon Brown was taking over.

Then there’s the war in Iraq where we know he lied about the WMD’s.

He was party to the lie levelled against Fathers 4 Justice that they intended to kidnap Blair’s son and he kept secret (lied about) his own daughters suicide attempt  (well known to the media but there is an agreement in place not to publish).

I’ve said before that there should be an offence of “misleading the public while in office’ and if there was, he’s a prime example of someone who would be charged.

I’ve also said that any money made on the back of a political career funded by the taxpayer from memoirs, speaking etc, should be paid back – after all, students have to pay back their loans.

So could he be PM again? Well, he’s a liar, he has more money than most of us could dream of despite his claims for equality and  he’s self serving so I guess he fits the profile.

Should he be PM again – definitely not!

Falklands – Round II

February 24, 2010

Falklands Round II

Deja vu eh?

In 1982, when Mrs Thatcher’s popularity was in decline and with an election looming, Argentina decided to stake a claim on the Falkland Islands.

The country was whipped up into a patriotic fervour and when we won the war her popularity had increased to the extent that she then went on to win the election.

But the thing that gets forgotten is that with her new found popularity, Thatcher was able to harvest this patriotism to crush the unions – comparing them (the enemy within) to Argentina (the enemy without).

Now a British company is drilling for oil in the area and Argentina is making noises again – Gordon Brown must be rubbing his hands with glee!

Mugged by Cameron?

February 21, 2010

Mugger Cameron

David Cameron’s latest election gimmick is to let us mere mortals buy shares in the banks we bailed out, in the same way that British Gas, BT etc were sold off back in the 80’s.

The difference is we have already paid for the banks once (and will continue to do so which feels like being mugged over 20 odd years). And now the plan is for us to be ‘allowed’ to buy shares in them.

If this announcement is an admission that we all deserve to benefit from the bailed out banks profits why not do the decent thing and give us a share of their profits directly when they are announced….however far in the future that will be – at least it won’t cost us more.

Under this latest wheeze the very people who have been hardest hit by the banking mess will have  to borrow more of their money back from the banks – it’s a double mugging!

Hain is perfect

January 15, 2010

Peter Hain

Peter Hain, on Question Time last night, gave a perfect example of why we don’t trust politicians.

Asked if the recent coup attempt had damaged Gordon Brown he launched an attack on Tory election policy.

Bodes well for the head to head election debates.

When will they learn we want to hear answers, not spin?

Election Debate on TV

December 22, 2009

TV Election

Good to hear the leaders of the three main parties will have live debates during the election – not before time.

As usual the UK eventually catches up with the rest of the world when it comes to democracy.

But don’t you get that awful feeling that it will be a lot about how the candidates look and the questions will be well rehearsed and a little stale by the third appearance.

I’d like to see more of a Question Time style format where the public ask the questions, preferably live on the phone  and there should be rules set in advance that answers should be real answers and not just the usual fault finding of the other parties policies.

It could be enforced by saying that if a candidate breaks this rule they are removed from the platform – that would be an incentive for them.

Or maybe we could have members of the public, bloggers possibly, on the platform with the candidates and able to contradict and argue with what the candidates say.

I see the SNP and Plaid Cymru are already making legal threats and UKIP has made a (half hearted) attempt to be included – this will no doubt lead to the BNP trying to gain some mileage.

All in all though, this is a good thing.