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There Goes The Sun

July 22, 2015
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

So the Government is going to reduce funding for renewable energy without even giving MP’s a say – see HERE.

They say they are doing taxpayers a favour and saving us money but I don’t remember anything about that in the election manifesto.

But the subsidies were in place to help us reach our CO2 emmission promises so how are we going to be able to keep them?

Shell, the oil and gas producing polluters have an idea. We simply trap all the CO2 as it comes out of our factories, convert it to liquid, pump it back up their existing pipelines to the platforms in the North Sea and feed it back down into the bowels of the earth that they extracted from in the first place.

Sounds logical so far but they need investment from the Government to do it.

If they get that investment it will mean that rather than move away from producing CO2, we solve the problem by masking it … temporarily! And us taxpayers pay for it.

There is no sensible reason for not using the sun, wind and waves that we are surrounded by (well, maybe not so much the sun in Britain) and instead spend huge amounts on existing, polluting methods.

Sensible doesn’t come into it where corporates, the Government and money are concerned though. A bit of lobbying here, a chat with some buddies, friends in the right places, dodgy handshakes and promises of directorships and all of a sudden, problem solved … only it isn’t!

It won’t matter how much money you have when the earth eventually dies.


Back to Frack

April 1, 2015

(Pic – Huffington Post)

The BBC have a good site at: giving a guide to how the parties treat different issues so I thought I’d see what they think about fracking. The results were unsurprising.

The Green Party are against it, as are the SNP.

Labour would give it the go-ahead with the right checks and balances in place – don’t really know what that means but then they probably don’t either. That really isn’t an opinion, it’s sitting on the fence with every intention of doing what you want anyway but dressing it up with pro-fracking ‘experts’ when you need them.

The Lib-Dems are pro fracking – and there was me thinking they were an environmentally minded party.

The Conservatives of course are all for it. Well they would be wouldn’t they, after all, they and their chums at the oil and gas companies are very tight. If I had the time I’d research how many Tory MP’s have business links with, or shares in, the industry … maybe when I win the lottery!

Bear in mind, the emissions from fracked gas might be lower than fossil fuel but the amount of carbon needed to extract it actually makes it more polluting. There is also the pollution as a result of chemicals used, the unbelievable amounts water used and the general detriment to health to consider.

So no real surprises (well, maybe the Lib-Dems) but one of the reasons I’ll be voting Green.

Back For The Future

March 29, 2015

Animal Cruelty

Capitalism & Climate

It’s been a while, so what made me revisit and revamp the blog (and the Twitter and Facebook pages)?

First, I recently read the latest book by Naomi Klein, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – CAPITALISM VS THE CLIMATE and it re-ignited my interest, frustration and pent up anger with how things are regarding the environment and corporate responsibility.

Then of course there is the upcoming election with the usual meaningless promises just to win votes, promises we know won’t be kept, and the realisation that while concentrating our minds on their comfortable battle grounds NHS, Education, and the Economy they are managing to miss the ‘Elephant In The Room’ issue of Global Warming which could soon supersede all their key issues.

Some research on the Internet soon revealed just how little a prospective Government (any of the main parties) care about the issue, with licences for Fracking covering most of the UK and the main parties not even mentioning it – and certainly not mentioning how closely they work with the major polluters like the big oil companies.

So I took a look at the Green Party’s policies and realised that, in general, I liked what I saw.

Making the changes needed for the environment before time runs out and making society fairer at the same time means making some serious decisions which the main parties won’t even consider, so I’m going to be adding my two pennies worth.


Film Review – The Cove (2009)

October 30, 2011
The Cove

The Cove

I only recently came across this film.

It’s the story, as told by himself, of Ric O’Barry, the guy who  trained  Flipper the Dolphin for the original TV series (actually a number of dolphins).

After finding fame and fortune doing that, he discovered just how these and other cetaceans are captured and has made it his life goal to stop it.

If you are an environmentalist or animal lover you will find it interesting, strangely uplifting  but deeply disturbing.

If you are a techno-junkie you will love the high tech used to get the footage.

If you are interested in how Governments, corporations and vested interests (in this case the International Whaling Commission) will collude for money you will find it reinforces everything you think.

If you simply admire people who have a belief and stand up for their principles, look no further than Ric O’Barry.

Whoever you are, you will probably never want to visit a dolphin show again.

Official website HERE
Details from Internet Movie Database HERE
Campaign website HERE

Rating: Must see