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Return To Father

June 13, 2015
Ethan Minnock back with Dad

Ethan Minnock is back with his Dad

Really pleased to see Ethan Minnock is back with his Dad.

Really annoyed with the police not taking any action against his mother.

Really disappointed with the media coverage.

Really pissed off, as ever, with the Family Court system.

We don’t know all the details of the case because the Family Courts are held in secret but I think we can safely guess that for a court to make an order in favour of the father, there must have been issues with the mother.

I went through the Family Court process for around 7 years and experienced numerous broken orders with no sanction against the mother who broke them. In fact it was me who was threatened with Contempt Of Court charges for daring to name my children on a website. (It’s actually Contempt of Court to make it possible for anyone to identify a child involved in a Family Court case, or for the media to publish those details, unless of course it’s a child of a celebrity in which case different rules seem to apply.)

I’m proud to say I joined Fathers 4 Justice where I met numerous dads in a similar situation to me, a father who was imprisoned for waving at his kids in the street and one who, when he stayed slightly too long on holiday with his kids, was arrested by armed police on a Portuguese beach.

The media coverage in this case has been extremely sympathetic towards the mother but just imagine how a father who did the same would be represented…. and now, the icing on the cake is that she is speaking exclusively to a national newspaper – do we really believe that offer had nothing to do with her giving herself up?

If in her exclusive she reveals any detail about what was said in the Family Court, I would expect that she is immediately arrested and the paper prosecuted.

A couple of good things have come out of this though. The first is that Ethan is back with his Dad, the second is that the double standards of the Family Court system have been highlighted – or at least they will have if the media has the balls to report it truthfully.


It Asda be like this?

November 8, 2012
Asda - Stuffing Dads This Christmas

Asda – Stuffing Dads

Asda have a new TV ad for Christmas. It shows a hard pushed mum doing all the work getting stuff ready, making dinner etc while dad doesn’t do anything – the latest in a trend of media depictions of lazy, useless men.

The tag line is “Behind every great Christmas there’s a Mum” which totally removes Dads from the family Christmas picture. In a lot of cases of course, thanks to the unfairness in Family Courts, Dads do miss out on the joys of the Festive Season with their kids but mostly this isn’t by choice.

They responded to criticism by saying 80% of their customers are mums, so they probably thought they were only alienating 20%. The problem is a lot of feminists have also criticised the ad for promoting outdated gender stereotypes, aligning themselves in this case with Fathers 4 Justice.

The whole premise of the campaign is so 1950’s – mum does the housework and looks after the kids, dad goes to work and comes home to a pipe and slippers – that I can’t believe they approved it but their response gives an inkling of why they did – it’s all about the Mummy money!

It does beg the question though, why is it ok to denegrate men, fathers in particular? If this was an ad for a car for instance, showing the man as the only one able to drive or for a piece of tech that only a man could use properly, there would be an outcry.

It cuts both ways, or at least it should.

The Gingerbread Clan

March 6, 2012

GingerbreadRun, run, as fast as you can – you can’t catch them they’re The Gingerbread Clan.

File this one under ‘equality’ or should that be ‘inequality”.

Gingerbread are a charity that represents single parents – very commendable too – but they have been saying that the Family Law Courts work in the ‘best interests of the child’ when parents end up there.

Nice idea but when Fathers 4 Justice asked them for the proof to back up this statement, Gingerbread failed to rerspond.

And when F4J asked publicly on the Gingerbread Facebook page, Gingerbread blocked them – could they have something to hide?

As I said, Gingerbread exist to support single parents, which presumably should include Dads as well as Mums … remember that equality thing, and have no vested interest in promoting the Family Court system.

Well, F4J did some reseaech and it appears the Gingerbread board might not be quite so equally Dad friendly as they should be,  including someone on the board of CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service), a Family Law barrister and others whose work relates only to women or are outright anti-Fathers 4 Justice.

See more HERE

If Gingerbread really work ‘in the best interest’ of the children, they should reply publicly to F4J and back that statement up.