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What’s the Story This Morning – Tory!

May 8, 2015
Post Election

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Waking up to this awful news.

Might be great for the economy but terrible for ordinary people, the environment and fairness.


MP’s: Are They Still At It?

November 20, 2012
MPs: Are They Still at It?

MPs: Are They Still at It?

Just seen another excellent documentary from Channel 4’s Dispatches.

I say seen, I just turned off half way through because I’m so disgusted.

It’s the same old story of MP’s thinking they have a right to claim as much of our money as possible within the rules they wrote themselves.

Renting out existing property then claiming back the rent on a new one seems to be this theme.

FFS, it’s a job. Anyone else who had to travel a long way or work from home would get a reasonably priced B & B or even a hotel that involved a commute.

The Government recently said that people looking for a job should be willing to travel up to 90 minutes – so why shouldn’t MP’s do the same.

Nothing has changed – money grabbing, self serving gits the lot of them.

Click on the image above to see the documentary – but I wouldn’t recommend doing so after a large meal, you just might feel sick.

Fair Property Tax

October 21, 2012
Property Tax

Property Tax

There’s been talk recently of a new “bedroom tax” on anyone in a Council house that has more bedrooms than they need.

On the face of it this makes sense – unless of course you’re a divorced dad who needs the extra room for visiting kids and would be additionally penalised for having that, despite the fact that this is sometimes a requirement for overnight contact.

But now it appears that greedy MP’s have been renting out their property in London to other MP’s in a cosy arrangement that allows them to trouser even more taxpayers money. They are, of course, working within the rules but I don’t hear them talking about changing these rules any time soon.

The Speaker even tried to have publication of the details blocked – deja vu from last time this happened.

And now it’s emerging that they have even been using our money to pay for personal accountancy fees [HERE].

How can we believe ‘we’re all in this together’ when it’s one rule for them and another for us?

[Thanks to Occupy the London Stock Exchange for the pic]

Blair, Bliar Pants on Fire

June 28, 2012
Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Interesting to read that Tony Blair would like to be PM again.

Maybe he’s just made so much money with his public speaking and writing deals that he feels he can sit back for a while.

Anyway, lets look at what he said to the Evening Standard about why he left in the first place:

“I didn’t want to go but I felt that I had to. The only choice would have been to have fought a very bloody battle internally which I thought would damage the country as well as the party.”

So when that whole sad saga was going on, he lied to us when he said he was happy Gordon Brown was taking over.

Then there’s the war in Iraq where we know he lied about the WMD’s.

He was party to the lie levelled against Fathers 4 Justice that they intended to kidnap Blair’s son and he kept secret (lied about) his own daughters suicide attempt  (well known to the media but there is an agreement in place not to publish).

I’ve said before that there should be an offence of “misleading the public while in office’ and if there was, he’s a prime example of someone who would be charged.

I’ve also said that any money made on the back of a political career funded by the taxpayer from memoirs, speaking etc, should be paid back – after all, students have to pay back their loans.

So could he be PM again? Well, he’s a liar, he has more money than most of us could dream of despite his claims for equality and  he’s self serving so I guess he fits the profile.

Should he be PM again – definitely not!

Dodgy Business Secretary?

October 26, 2011
Vince Cable

Vince Cable

It’s emerged that Vince Cable, the Business Secretary has been penalised £500 by the taxman after failing to pay £25,000 VAT.

It does look like this might have been an oversight (it’s hard to tell with politicians) but it raises the question of outside income again.

The money he received was for media work and while he wasn’t Business Secretary at the time (2009-2010) he was an MP.

We vote for MP’s to represent us in Parliament and they can’t be doing that properly if they have second or even third jobs including consulting, advising, media (outside of their direct responsibilities and which shouldn’t be paid), directorships etc.

I also feel this should extend to post-political career opportunities – if they write a book, do a speaking tour or earn any income that is derived from their term in Public Office, including working for private companies, they should have to pay that income back to the country. After all, students have to pay back their loans once they start earning so why should we fund politicians futures free of charge.

I’m sure someone cleverer than me could work out what the country would have earned from this but I’m sure it would be pretty substantial – and after all we are ‘all in this together’.

Maybe a brave MP would like to raise an Early Day Motion – or mention it in a media interview that they aren’t paid for?

MP Guilty til Proven Innocent

June 11, 2011
Andrew Bridgen

Andrew Bridgen

I’m not often one to show support for an MP from any side but Andrew Bridgen has been accused of some sort of improper behaviour  with a young lady … very publicly accused.

He says he didn’t do anything and that he is the victim of a hate campaign – a hate campaign against an MP, who’d have thought it.

The problem is that the lady in question can’t be named so I don’t see that he should unless the case goes to court.

If he is proved to have committed a crime I’ll be glad to see him do time – but if it isn’t true I hope the lady will get the same amount of publicity and a sentence equal to what he would have got.

If it’s proved to be part of a hate campaign, those behind such lies should also be looking out from behind prison bars.

Banks Will Be Broke(n up)?

April 11, 2011
Plush for them

Plush for them

The report on the future of the banks is out and as expected it will be business as usual with some cosmetic changes that will give the banks an excuse to charge customers more … but they will have to find more loopholes to jump through.

Lloyds will have to sell off more branches and banks will have to ring-fence their dodgy deals… or at least that is the recommendation so far but it will obviously be watered down before it becomes law – well not law, probably using some voluntary code.

What we need is a complete shake up of the laws on lending starting with saying debts can’t be sold on. If they stood to lose on a bad debt they would be more careful.

There should be different types of banks ie personal lending banks and investment banks but they can’t be related in any way, directors can’t move from one sector to another and no bank should be allowed to grow ‘too big to fail’.

The banks we have bailed out need to be more answerable to us and paying back the taxpayer should take preference over, or at the very least equal standing to, the shareholders dividend.

Similarly, now Gordon Brown has admitted he got it wrong, all the money he makes from talks, books etc should be given back – there is no way he should benefit from getting us into this. And I know it’s a worldwide crisis but he took credit for the good times so he should pay for the bad.

Ell-Lie-Ot …. as ET would say.

April 7, 2011
Elliot Morley

Lying Criminal

Elliot Morley (ex)MP has finally admitted he previously lied and did in fact swindle taxpayers out of £30,000.

He was due to go to court last November but that  was postponed so he had the advantage of seeing other criminals MP’s found guilty and in some cases imprisoned so probably decided it was a losing battle and he could save some face by coming clean.

What we need to see now is not only proper punishment for this crime but prosecution for wasting police time until now … I bet we’ll never know the financial cost of that.

Punching above his class

March 7, 2011
John Prescott Boxing

Fighting inequality

John Prescott is appearing in TV adverts for Moneysupermarket and I’ve got to admit having a ‘celebrity’ in an advert can influence my spending – I won’t ever be visiting that particular site.

It’s more than just the fact he’s an arrogant, ignorant champagne socialist and that I think he should have been prosecuted when he punched that guy back in 2001.

What really annoys me is that he has no priciples. He was always against an unelected House of Lords ….. until he got his peerage (Why?) and now he’s claiming £800 a day in expenses.

He’s also written a book and is earning big bucks from that. I’ve long said that when someone has served in public office, any money they receive as a result of that public investment ie books, public speaking etc, should be given back to the public. And I don’t mean the tax they pay (which is no doubt mainly avoided), I mean the whole lot.

After all, if we’re asking students to pay back loans, shouldn’t we expect the same from our public servants?

Fair Weather Friends

February 22, 2011
David Cameron

Dove of Peace

David Cameron has been speaking to the Kuwaiti Parliament and said it was wrong of Britain to support some repressive regimes …. note he said “some“.

Which of course means there are some repressive regimes we can support, like China and Saudi Arabia for instance.

After all, your principles can only stretch as far as the next trade deal or oil price threat can’t they.

But I must admit, he was first out of the blocks getting into the region with a posse of arms dealers so we can ‘support’ the emerging regimes, who of course won’t be repressive.

Honestly, if we donated doves of peace to the region to celebrate their new found freedom, we’d make sure they had sharpened talons.

And, of course, we can expect to see some serious back-peddling over Libya after our sucking up to Gaddafi in recent years.