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Fight For the Right, or Left, or Centre ……

May 10, 2015
Old Labour/New Labour

Left, Right, Centre

Talk about missing the bleeding obvious!

After their terrible performance in the election we’re now seeing the Labour Party trying to decide where they went wrong.

The fact they are already arguing about whether they should be targetting their traditional working class audience or aiming for the aspirational vote just highlights the real problem – no one knows what they stand for.

They seem more interested in power for power’s sake than standing for a set of principles. Hate Love or hate the conservatives, they stand for what they stand for with no apologies, as do the The Green Party.

Which brings us to another point – the Labour Party say they are the party of fairness and equality but we haven’t heard them mentioning a change to the voting system which we so obviously need because that might affect their chances of getting into power – that thing they want at any cost.

So when the candidates finally stand for the leadership election, how about we hear what they are actually standing for – maybe then people would know who and what they are voting for.


Back For The Future

March 29, 2015

Animal Cruelty

Capitalism & Climate

It’s been a while, so what made me revisit and revamp the blog (and the Twitter and Facebook pages)?

First, I recently read the latest book by Naomi Klein, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – CAPITALISM VS THE CLIMATE and it re-ignited my interest, frustration and pent up anger with how things are regarding the environment and corporate responsibility.

Then of course there is the upcoming election with the usual meaningless promises just to win votes, promises we know won’t be kept, and the realisation that while concentrating our minds on their comfortable battle grounds NHS, Education, and the Economy they are managing to miss the ‘Elephant In The Room’ issue of Global Warming which could soon supersede all their key issues.

Some research on the Internet soon revealed just how little a prospective Government (any of the main parties) care about the issue, with licences for Fracking covering most of the UK and the main parties not even mentioning it – and certainly not mentioning how closely they work with the major polluters like the big oil companies.

So I took a look at the Green Party’s policies and realised that, in general, I liked what I saw.

Making the changes needed for the environment before time runs out and making society fairer at the same time means making some serious decisions which the main parties won’t even consider, so I’m going to be adding my two pennies worth.


Thatcher – RIP or not RIP?

April 8, 2013
Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Opinions of Margaret Thatcher are obviously diverse.

There will be plenty of comments each way on various sites and blogs and, as usual, I strongly recommend the Scriptonite blog for researched, common sense comment.

Without doubt the country is more divided since her time in Government and large corporations have benefitted from the sell-off of State assets.

The sale of council houses was a perfect example of this – giving the impression that she was empowering ‘normal’ people but actually reducing the number of social housing available to those without the money to buy them while filling the pockets of private landlords.

She classed Nelson Mandela as a terrorist – guess she got that wrong too.

I lived in London when she was in power and having moved oop north fairly recently, to an ex-mining area, it has been a real eye opener for me hearing what went on at the time and how strongly people feel.

There are however two things that I feel need mentioning:

First – The final irony is that the woman who wanted to privatise everything owned by the state, will have her funeral paid for by the state. I can sympathise with her family on a personal level but they should be picking up the cost… or maybe it could be sponsored by one of the big corporations.

Second – Is no one else noticing that everything they are saying about Thatcher will be said about Cameron in years to come …. assuming we are still allowed to criticise politicians by then.


PCC Elections

November 16, 2012
PCC Elections

PCC Elections

Unsurprisingly there has been a really low turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Why unsurprisingly?

Well, I take an interest in politics and the first I knew of it was about 2-3 weeks ago from Twitter, then soon after when a polling card came through the letterbox. I’m sure the polling card would have been the first most people saw and there was precious little information easily available.

But aside from that I do have a major issue with the whole thing.

We’re often hearing, last night on Question Time was another example, that the politicians and the judiciary need to be kept seperate. This makes sense, so why were these elections based around political candidates.

I don’t want a Labour/Tory/Lib Dem/UKIP Police Commissioner, I want one who is independent.

One who is answerable to the public, not his political masters.

Blair, Bliar Pants on Fire

June 28, 2012
Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Interesting to read that Tony Blair would like to be PM again.

Maybe he’s just made so much money with his public speaking and writing deals that he feels he can sit back for a while.

Anyway, lets look at what he said to the Evening Standard about why he left in the first place:

“I didn’t want to go but I felt that I had to. The only choice would have been to have fought a very bloody battle internally which I thought would damage the country as well as the party.”

So when that whole sad saga was going on, he lied to us when he said he was happy Gordon Brown was taking over.

Then there’s the war in Iraq where we know he lied about the WMD’s.

He was party to the lie levelled against Fathers 4 Justice that they intended to kidnap Blair’s son and he kept secret (lied about) his own daughters suicide attempt  (well known to the media but there is an agreement in place not to publish).

I’ve said before that there should be an offence of “misleading the public while in office’ and if there was, he’s a prime example of someone who would be charged.

I’ve also said that any money made on the back of a political career funded by the taxpayer from memoirs, speaking etc, should be paid back – after all, students have to pay back their loans.

So could he be PM again? Well, he’s a liar, he has more money than most of us could dream of despite his claims for equality and  he’s self serving so I guess he fits the profile.

Should he be PM again – definitely not!

Politician, Sack Thyself

May 2, 2012
News International

News International

What a surprise that the enquiry into News International and the Murdochs has taken a political direction.

Labour have taken the opportunity to do a bit of  magnate bashing (that could turn round and bite them at some point so it’s either a brave or a stupid move) and the Tory’s capitalist coloured glasses can’t see anything wrong because there’s only a dead body but no smoking gun.

So an enquiry into how the media, police and Government collude with each other turns into a political bunfight with no real outcome.

What we should have is enquiries like this without MP’s but with average members of the public asking the questions.

I know it’s a House of Commons enquiry but aren’t they meant to be representing us?

And there is a precedent for this kind of setup … it’s called a jury!

But doesn’t this just sum it up? From the Leveson enquiry website:
“Lord Justice Leveson acts in an independent judicial capacity as Chair of the Inquiry.  He will submit his final report to the Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, and the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt ” ….. now where have I heard that name before?

Government and Business – all in this together

February 19, 2012
All in this together

All in this together

There’s been some publicity lately over Tesco taking advantage of the Governments scheme to force people to work rather than claim benefits.

It seems that the biggest retail outlet in the country took the opportunity to offer jobs that only paid travel and expenses in addition to Job Seekers Allowance (and we’re not talking about the sort of expenses politicians get).

This meant that Tesco got staff effectively for no cost.

As soon as the uproar broke out, Tesco backtracked and said that wasn’t what was on offer – despite testimony that it was, from employees.

The last defence was that the DWP had made an IT error in the job ad. Now maybe if it had been in one ad you could accept this but there were a number of them.

When the Government started using their much-repeated phrase “We’re all in this together” I didn’t realise they were talking about themselves and big business but maybe I should have.

Tesco have now suggested the DWP “to avoid any misunderstanding about the voluntary nature of the scheme, this threat of losing benefit should be removed”. So now Tesco feel it is their place to advise the Government … who do they think they are?

One thing it leaves me wondering though, is if  Tesco somehow run into financial difficulty, or even suggest they are going to, will the Government see them as ‘too big to fail’ like the banks were. After all they probably employ as many, if not more staff than all the banks put together. Could we have a situation where we have to bail out Tesco?

For the moment though, while we are all having to tighten our belts, it might be time for Tesco to remove the first and last letters from their tagline to say what they are doing for the country – Tesco, very little help.

Just Desserts

November 16, 2011
£22k dessert

£22k dessert

This is the dessert that got some publicity the other week because it was the most expensive ever, costing £22,000 – more money than sense comes to mind!

And speaking of expensive meals, last night at the Guildhall in London it was the Lord Mayors Banquet where the great and good, including David Cameron, probably spent more on a meal than most of us will see in a year.

Outside the banquet some local rabble-rousers had the cheek to try and demonstrate against their betters and were promptly arrested. Some had come from the Occupy protest at St Pauls and when they were bailed, coincidentally, their bail conditions prevented them from returning to the City of London and therefore their original protest.

Also yesterday, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England who has overseen the worst economic downturn in 30 years, was knighted by the Queen (obviously a performance-based honour) but you won’t see any footage because the Bank of England asked media outlets not to show the pictures – so of course they haven’t.

Moving on to today, the new Italian Government has been put in place, not elected because not a single one of them has been.

I’m off to Ladbrokes to put a tenner on Mervyn King openly running the country next year.

Mario Kart(el)

November 13, 2011
Mario Monti

Mario Monti

This guy is Mario Monti who will take over as Prime Minister of Italy to replace Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi may have been better at partying than running a country but at least he was elected.

Monti, I think, is a disturbing sign of things to come. When an EU country gets into economic problems, like Italy has, who would the EU rather have in charge than someone who has previously promoted greater EU integration.

And the leaders of other countries, the UK included, won’t object because, like them, he is a member of the powerful Bildeberg Group.

I thought the whole idea of a democracy was that (on the surface at least) the people chose their leaders. This seems to me the first time democracy has been openly overruled by those in charge and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same happening in other “badly performing” countries.

By “badly performing” we of course mean countries that have been given a bad credit rating by … who? An unelected body again.

It’s been obvious recently that democracy is quickly taking second place to finance –  politicians only refer to ‘market reaction’, never the reaction of the humble electorate which shows where their interests lie.

These are unusual, maybe even desperate, times but it should be up to the people to choose their destiny, good or bad, not a cosy group of largely unelected leaders who impose themselves on the people.

Lose the Whip

October 24, 2011
Government Whip

Government Whip

There’s a vote in the House of Commons tonight on whether to offer us a referendum over Europe.

But under the ridiculous system of ‘whips’, MP’s are expected to vote how their party tells them. When we vote for an MP we vote based on what they say they are going to do, not necessarily on the party line.

If they all just vote on the party line we could save time and base every result on the number of MP’s each party has.

This is yet another example of the outdated, out of touch Parliament we have in this country.

At election time we are told we have the power but we blatantly don’t because the options given to us are so narrow (can you imagine a national election where you are told who to vote for – that’s called a dictatorship) and even when our MP’s do get a chance to vote on something, it’s their masters and not us they listen to.

There’s speculation that in tonights vote backbench Tory MP’s may actually vote against the whip – or as we put it in the real world “show some balls”. If that does happen in large numbers, the next vote should be on doing away with the whip system completely.