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#RoyalBaby Love

May 2, 2015
Royal Baby

It’s a Girl

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their new baby girl …. no, I mean it. I’m as happy for them as I am for any couple.

The difference is, of course, they aren’t just any couple and this little girl, less than a day old, is already wealthier than most people could ever dream of due to an accident of birth.

Watching the sycophantic coverage on TV you have to wonder if these people really mean what they say, are being told to say it, or are vying for a gong some time in the future.

Two comments stood out for me. “It’s interesting Kate is wearing yellow” was one. No it’s not. It could be that she didn’t know what sex the baby would be or it could just be that a yellow outfit came to hand as she left. Interesting would have been if she’d worn a Green Party tee shirt or a Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ one.

Another comment, when they left was “It’s interesting that Kate is holding the baby, last time it was William”. Again, that’s not interesting. One of them has to hold it (and it really isn’t that much of a big deal to see a Dad putting a car seat in).

One thing they said that was interesting was when they mentioned that not everyone is interested in this event. The fact that was even acknowledged seems like step forward to me, although I’m sure it won’t stop the wall to wall coverage we’ll be getting. At least it will only last a few days though because soon the election will take over again. Call me cynical but you have to wonder if the baby ‘had’ to be born before the election because that really would have detracted from it.

Then they went on to talk about succession to the throne. Apparently this princess is now 4th in line which, considering how long Prince Charles has been 1st in line is pretty irrelevant barring an outbreak of terminal royal lurgey.

Now of course, we’ll have all the fuss over the name although the favourite on Twitter seems to be #RoyalBaby – now that really would bring the monarchy into the 21st century. That or Kylie Sprinkledust …

And you can understand the comments about dysfunctional families living off the state producing another child we must support because, well, they are a dysfunctional family living off the state producing another child we must support! I’m often told this doesn’t matter because the royals bring so much income into the country (aren’t I mum?) but let’s say a benefits family graffiti up their local area and the graffiti becomes popular and sought after, like Banksy. If this brought fans in to see the graffiti and generated a local tourist industry, by extension we’d be happy to continue supporting them – no?

So to sum up, on a personal level a great thing for a happy couple but should that happiness be at the expense of the rest of us?


Jacintha Saldanha and The Royals

December 9, 2012
Jacintha Saldanha

Jacintha Saldanha

Is it just me, or has this whole hoax call thing got a bit out of hand?

Jacintha Saldanha, on the left, was the lady who answered the hoax call from two Australian DJ’s pretending to be Royals checking on the progress of Kate Middleton.

When it first made the headlines I don’t remember anyone saying it was a dangerous thing to do, the worst I heard was that it was in bad taste.

It’s extremely sad that Jacintha Saldanha felt the need to take her own life but she must have had underlying issues that the DJ’s couldn’t have known about – I’m sure they wouldn’t have made the call if that had been the case.

There is talk of prosecuting them but the only charge that might stick is recording a phone call without getting permisssion and whether that would include calls outside the country I would think is doubtful.

Instead of writing strong letters to Australia, maybe the bosses at the hospital should be asked to explain why they had no trained staff available on the night who could have handled the call correctly. If  I was paying the sort of money William and Kate are, I would be expecting better.

On a brighter note, it was good to see William cancelled one of his engagements to be with Kate. After all, we can all just choose not to go to work when our other halves don’t feel well ….. can’t we?

When Charlies Eyes Are Smiling

June 30, 2012


Prince Charles’ accounts have been published.

I’m not going to get into whether or not he is worth what he costs us, just over£2M in grants ant Government funding last year (up nearly 12% … how much did your money go up?).

What really bugs me is that we are funding not only his travel costs but those of Camillla:

The cost of travel by air and rail for the prince and the Duchess of Cornwall to attend official engagements was £1,318,000, up from £1.08m HERE

There can’t be many jobs around where you get a massive rise in income and they pay for your other half’s travel as well.

You are a Terrorist!

March 28, 2011
Batman and Robin ... are they terrorists?


In the wake of violence at the weekend march against the cuts, Home Secretary Theresa May is looking at giving the police additional powers for the royal wedding.

These will include being able to remove masks and balaclavas and to use stop and search powers under Anti-Terrorism laws.

Hold on …. Anti-Terrorism! I think we need to define what a terrorist is here. My idea of a terrorist is someone who blows things up and tries to kill people. OK, the protests were violent against property but I didn’t see any attempts to murder large numbers of people.

If these powers are brought in just for the royal wedding, surely she is saying it’s ok for terrorists to target the rest of us but not the royals …. but of course the powers won’t only be for the wedding – once in place they will be used to stop and search anyone at anytime which is basically saying we are all suspected of terrorism as a default position.

I can understand wanting to remove masks (although I can’t see the masked protesters concerned simply saying ‘OK officer’ when they are asked to remove them) but using anti-terror laws when there is no suspicion of terrorism is a step too far.

[Just a thought – will this apply to anyone wearing a burka?]

Regarding the recent protests, you really can’t blame people for targeting banks and tax-dodgers. The banks got us into this mess and seem happy to goad us with their bonuses and behaviour still –  tax-dodgers like Sir Philip Green are depriving us of much needed national income while they make massive personal profits (see the UK Uncut website).

In fact if enough ‘ordinary’ people got off their backsides to protest at the banks and tax-dodgers, not only would the Government have to take stock but the violent protesters would be lost in the numbers.

You don’t have to smash windows either, the UK Uncut website has a range of banners – print some off and leave them lying around next time you go to your bank or into Boots or Top Shop.

Lack of Prince-iples

March 12, 2011
Price Andrew

Price Andrew

There’s been a lot of criticism of Prince Andrew recently and I just thought I’d add my two-penneth.

First, I’m sick of people telling us that he is a volunteer who is working for us out of the goodness of his heart. Technically, I suppose he’s not paid for his little jaunts but he does choose to travel everywhere first class and did receive £3 million over the value for a property he sold – he could have given that back to us.

As to whether he is a good ambassador for the country, that comes down to more than just income over expense.

His judgement has certainly come into question recently but with regard to his frienship with a convicted paedophile, I don’t see it as bad judgement, it’s just a total lack of morality and principle. How many of us would want to associate with someone like that?

Is this really the sort of person we want to be representing us?

As for the  photo of him with his arm round the waist of a 17 year old…well, to be honest, I’m sure most people who meet him ask for a photo and that in itself looked innocent enough – it’s a shame the media chose to make it look like something else.