Shopping List

We don’t do fundraising but we do need help with equipment and these are some of the things on our Shopping List.

Maybe you have a local company, or want to help your local community as an individual.

You can click on some items, order it on our behalf and as soon as you receive it, let us know and we’ll come and pick it up (within 5 miles of Dronfield) or drop it off to us.

Alternatively, we’d love to hear from you if you can provide printing or copying services, tee-shirts, umbrellas, helium for balloons, even pro-bono legal advice. In fact anything that will help us spread the word and ‘Fight the Frack‘.

We’d love to thank you on our Facebook page but if you want to remain anonymous, just let us know.

dt Press Advertising

We’d love to be able to advertise in the press like fracking companies do.
If you have an advertising budget and could buy us some space, we’d love to hear from you.

 loudhailer Megaphone

£ 21.99

megaphone Mega  Megaphone
with whistle, siren and
handheld microphone£ 49.95
 coverall Coveralls

£ 3.90

(We could do with a few of these)

hazmatyellow Yellow Hazmat suit
Make us more visible when we’re campaigning locally.
Available on Ebay
around £11.99(We could do with a few of these)
billboard Billboards

Great for raising awareness
Prices around £40.00

(Contact us, we can design the billboard)

banners Banners and leaflets

We always need more,
pricing varies

(Contact us, we can design the banners
and leaflets)


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