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Fox On The Run

July 1, 2015
Team Fox

Support Team Fox

Ever thought what a good idea it would be if Animal Rights groups got together to make sure the Hunting Ban stays in place?

Well, they have, they are called Team Fox and they have a new site (and an amazing logo) HERE.

Seems to me, this is another issue that shows how little humans respect animals – using them for sport, research, gambling, fashion, food.

Often they try to justify their actions with lies – greyhounds and racehorses are well looked after, experimentation is necessary to cure human illness etc.

Sometimes though, it’s just a case of money talking – murdering crocodiles for designer handbags, PETA Investigation HERE, cruelly producing up-market food, VIVA campaign HERE, cruelly producing cheap food that’s not really nutritious or good for you – the list goes on.

Governments seem reluctant to stop any of this so we really need to get behind Team Fox to keep in place the one thing they have acted on – a long awaited Hunting Ban.