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Where Does Charity Begin?

January 15, 2010

Girl in Haiti

An appeal has been launched by the Disasters Emergency Committee after the recent earthquake in Haiti – you can donate HERE.

The Government will announce an additional Aid package (they may already have done so) which will turn out to have been taken from an existing budget and not ‘new’ at all.

Then there will be the complaints from some that charity should begin at home.

It’s a fair point but who would you rather be giving money to:

A) People who were unbelievably poor to start with, have lived through an earthquake only to find family and friends have died, will now have to face disease, starvation and violence, all through no fault of their own.

B) ASBO families, benefit spongers, MP’s expenses,

I know what I think.

And of course the Aid will come at a price as countries like the US use the situation to their own advantage without a thought for the local population – there’s an interesting article on Naomi Klein’s site HERE


Now how’s this for a bit of joined up thinking.

When street scum beat up or rob old people, flout ASBO’s and Court Orders, consistently terrorise neighbourhoods etc, let’s put them on a list.

Then when a disaster occurs somewhere we will have the manpower (and of course girl power) to send out there and help with some of the manual jobs like burying bodies, digging out survivors etc.

I’d actually go further and extend that to those currently serving sentences (except life – that should mean life). We could offer a reduced sentence in return for them agreeing to go out and help in situations like this.

It’s a win-win situation. It costs the country very little, they get shorter time in prison (leaving more empty cells), the country concerned gets the help it needs. I know people will say it’s a free trip for them but I really believe, having seen third world countries myself, that no one could come back from an experience like that without having changed their attitude.

Oh, and they go with the agreement that UK Health and Safety laws don’t apply – if they are injured, hurt or catch a disease they can’t go suing anyone.