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There Goes The Sun

July 22, 2015
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

So the Government is going to reduce funding for renewable energy without even giving MP’s a say – see HERE.

They say they are doing taxpayers a favour and saving us money but I don’t remember anything about that in the election manifesto.

But the subsidies were in place to help us reach our CO2 emmission promises so how are we going to be able to keep them?

Shell, the oil and gas producing polluters have an idea. We simply trap all the CO2 as it comes out of our factories, convert it to liquid, pump it back up their existing pipelines to the platforms in the North Sea and feed it back down into the bowels of the earth that they extracted from in the first place.

Sounds logical so far but they need investment from the Government to do it.

If they get that investment it will mean that rather than move away from producing CO2, we solve the problem by masking it … temporarily! And us taxpayers pay for it.

There is no sensible reason for not using the sun, wind and waves that we are surrounded by (well, maybe not so much the sun in Britain) and instead spend huge amounts on existing, polluting methods.

Sensible doesn’t come into it where corporates, the Government and money are concerned though. A bit of lobbying here, a chat with some buddies, friends in the right places, dodgy handshakes and promises of directorships and all of a sudden, problem solved … only it isn’t!

It won’t matter how much money you have when the earth eventually dies.