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We All Rely On A Dodgy Submarine

May 19, 2015
Trident Whistleblower

Trident Whistleblower

Submariner William McNeilly, hero or villain?

We spend billions on Trident which the Government say is critical to our security but if what he says is true, we skimp on day to day elements.

Could this be because the big contracts that line the pockets of the Governments pals are only to be had on the major projects and once the paperwork is signed, no one cares?

It also seems the security onboard isn’t what you would expect and it’s possible for a terrorist to get on board – on the plus side though, the equipment isn’t maintained correctly so they won’t be able to turn the weapons on us.

We probably wouldn’t believe this if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve seen it all before – remember the lack of equipment in Afghanistan?

Whatever your views on Trident, it doesn’t make sense to spend billions on something that, potentially, won’t work when you most need it.

So the Government should address these claims publicly, although we know that ‘National Security’ will take precedence and it will be done in secret.

That, to me, will prove William McNeilly is telling the truth ….. and that means he is standing up for us and for what he believes in – which makes him a hero in my blog.